About us

Changemaker works creatively and politically in order to
change the causes for injustice and poverty in the world.

We are young adults between the age of 13 to 30,
with different outlook on life and political views.

Changemaker is Norway's biggest youth organization that only works with development policy.

Injustice is a problem created by humans, and there are people who can solve it. Changemaker works to put the spotlight on the problems, find the solutions, and influence the politicians to implement them.

Changemaker always tries to convey complicated topics in simple and fun ways. The politics are prepared in the five political committees. Then we create exciting campaigns to create awareness around the issues. #LOL

We have campaigns, give lectures, create information material, collect signatures, arrange debates, concerts and film screenings and much more. In addition, we are visible in the political arena by attending lobby meetings, meeting politicians, providing input to the government or city council, and working closely with Norway's negotiators during international negotiations.

With around 1 100 members and even more active local groups all over Norway, we are the biggest youth organization that only works with development policy.

Changemaker is Norwegian Church Aid's youth organization. Norwegian Church Aid is one of Norway's largest aid organizations, and works with emergency aid during disasters, long-term aid and political influence. Changemaker only works with political influence here in Norway. Read more about Norwegian Church Aid


Changemaker has partner organizations in Denmark, Finland, Cambodia, Kenya, Somalia and Pakistan. These organizations work with various topics similar to Changemaker's way of working in Norway. One of Changemakers ambitions is to build a platform for cooperation between youth organizations within the ACT Alliance. ACT stands for Action by Churches Together, which is among the world's largest international networks for aid organizations working with emergency aid, long-term aid and decision-making. The purpose of such a platform is to create contacts that can benefit from each other's strengths when needed, and where you stand together in the fight against injustice through international campaigns or competence building. Do you think Changemaker's international work is exciting, and want to know more? Send an e-mail to knut@changemaker.no